CULTURED DEXTRIN (A natural anti-mycotic agent)

Cultured Dextrin. It is a natural Bio-Preservative to preserve freshness in cheese. They are very popular in Organic industry and elsewhere. It is an allowable optional ingredient according to Canadian Food and Drug Regulations

Products Details

Cultured Dextrin is a non-standard of identity product. The cultures used in making this product are the strains of Lactococcus sp. Lactobacillus sp. and Propionibacterium sp. These bacteria are best known to produce Swiss and Mozzarella cheese. They are commonly found in milk and dairy products and has a long history of safe use in food. The cultures are grown in a starter medium that contains ingredients classified as food grade and has GRAS status. After the cultures are grown to their optimum level, they are suspended in corn solids for efficient drying at low temperatures to maintain viability. The resulting product is an off-white free flowing powder containing fermentation-derived metabolites, Organic acids like Propionic acid etc., Nisin like compounds, Bacteriocins and other non-specific inhibitory compounds that are the by-products of culture fermentation. They are well known for their anti-molding property and extending the shelf life.